What is a trampoline park?

Trampoline park venues were traditionally a series of interconnected trampoline beds which allow users to jump from one bed to another. The trampoline park concept started to gain popularity in the UK early in 2015, although there were a handful venues existing before this time.

House of Play commenced manufacturing trampoline parks in 2015 recognising the rise in popularity throughout the UK, but our research and development of trampoline parks started some 18 months prior to this.

From the very first installation we did in 2015, we identified the need to introduce a blended product mix to engage users and encourage repeat visits, and with great success, every park we have built since then has included some new type of feature through continuous research and development.

Indeed, it was our design ethos that inspired and was responsible for the diverse product range you see in the industry today. We introduced the very first interactive feature into trampoline parks with cardio walls, which has now become a staple product in most trampoline park arenas as an example.

Following this milestone, we didn’t rest on our laurels and were the 1st to integrate traverse walls, i-walls, rodeo bulls, activity pits and much more!

If your looking for a new, innovative, cutting edge trampoline park facility then you are in the right hands!

Developing your project

As leading experts in the indoor leisure industry, we can provide everything you need to start, expand or maintain your trampoline park business. We have a friendly and experienced team who can support you no matter what you need all free of charge! We’re able to help with a tailored trampoline park business plan for your project based on our own business experience with our talented designers who can work with you to bring your vision to life and everything in between – we can help you every step of the way! We can even maintain and service your trampoline park and its features to keep it running smoothly and efficiently to keep you and your customers safe and happy!

Our team have supported everyone from beginners and independent operators to national and global companies; no two are the same. However, the level of support, attention to detail and outstanding customer service remains constant; no challenge is too much for us and we’re happy to support your project no matter where you are in the world!

In addition to trampolines, House of Play can supply everything from foam cubes to pugil sticks, replacement beds to springs, all at competitive prices. We can even help you upgrade your trampoline park if you are wanting to take your project to the next level whether this is through the latest virtual reality technology or increasing physical challenges for your customers through parkour and ninja warrior courses. We’re leading experts for a reason!

why choose house of play

We are the only trampoline park equipment manufacturer, to see through the eyes of an operator. As an operator, we know what you need and how to help!

about us

setting the standard for trampoline parks

When we started to manufacture trampoline park equipment back in 2015, the only widely accepted standard in the UK was ASTM-2970-15, which was useful but didn’t meet the rigorous expectations of the British marketplace. Whilst the US standard was a useful barometer, we felt it was pertinent to strengthen the safety standards as a British manufacturer, so we went through the ADIPS (Amusement Devices Inspection Protocol Scheme) process, setting a new standard for UK installations.

ADIPS is the fairground and amusement park industry’s own adopted standard for inspection and certification of fairground rides and amusement devices. Created by the major industry trade associations – in close consultation with the HSE – to improve safety standards and increase public confidence.

This was a great first step in providing the safest trampoline parks, but wanted to go further and so we joined the UK sub-committee of the IATP (International Association of Trampoline Parks) where we assisted in the creation and publication of the British Standard for trampoline parks – PAS 5000:2017