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Whilst the website and brochures show a range of product systems, your project will be individually designed to fit your building, product preferences and budget. House of Play manufactures the product at our factory in the UK, and offers an installation service in most Countries. For smaller projects it may be possible for customers to do their own installation or to supplement our installation team with local labour which may reduce the price. We will work with you to find the best solution to deliver your project.

designed by experts

To ensure the right amount of space is allocated to the various elements within your building, our expert designers will use almost 30 years of industry experience to set out your spatial allocation.

Spatial allocation

All Family Entertainment Centres whether they incorporate soft adventure play, trampoline park equipment, ninja courses, climbing, virtual reality, agility equipment, parkour, interactive equipment, sensory equipment or inflatable products operate best when the correct amount of space is allocated for activities, seating and ancillary areas (Kitchen, reception, servery, toilets, party rooms, etc.).

Different equipment types have different user capacities so our design teams can advise on the optimum spatial allocation for your project so that you do not over or under capitalise on your investment. The aim is to provide sufficient ‘play value’ for users whilst providing sufficient seating within the facility for spectators.

Soft play café example – A small 100 sq. m. café would probably have no more that 20% of the space allocated for play equipment, the rest would be seating and ancillaries.

Large soft play centre example – A larger single activity soft play centre would be optimum with approximately one third of the space for play equipment, one third for seating and one third for ancillaries.

Trampoline park example – A single activity trampoline park would be optimum with up to two thirds of the space for equipment, the remainder being allocated for seating and ancillary areas.

Family Entertainment Centre example – The optimum layout for a multi-activity Family Entertainment Centre would depend entirely on the product mix and quantities of each product selected.

optimum design layout

creating a perfect layout

The right venue layout can improve your customers’ experience and even the profitability of your business. Our expert design team will use their experience to design your facility layout with this in mind.

Optimum design layout

The layout of your building is one of the most important steps in the design process and can sometimes be the difference between having a successful venue and not. The design team at House of Play will look to develop the allocated space to make your facility flow, ensuring operational efficiency and an optimum customer journey. In doing so the designers will apply commercial criteria to design in operational efficiencies, for example strategic staff monitoring positions as well as good ‘line of sight’ for parents providing customer satisfaction.

As House of Play operates two show sites our design team is able to present proposals that work commercially, rather than only presenting a pretty design drafted with the sole purpose of selling product. Only an operator can design a Family Entertainment Centre with these considerations in mind.

facility design

Facilitating greatness

Great facility design brings together all aspects of the building, product mix, contents and brand to deliver a uniform identity and enhanced customer experience.

Facility Design

The design team at House of Play considers the workability of the whole facility when developing your design and will help you understand how the design of the facility will impact the product mix, the brand and the customer experience. The facility design brings together the agreed spatial allocation with the optimum building layout and then factors in the product mix selection to start to bring the facility to life.

It is at this stage that we can then discuss things such as branding, wall decoration, furniture and flooring types, all of which our expert designers can advise on and will be important considerations when developing your facility. Of course, if you do not need our input on the wider facility, we can restrict our brief to the design of your selected product mix.

bespoke 3d design

Your project, your design

Since every customer and project has different needs, the bespoke design produced by our creative designers is tailored to your exact requirements.

bespoke 3d design

For most of our customers, the most exciting part of the project is the 3D design stage. This is the part of the process where your ideas are visualised and turned into reality by our skilled and experienced designers.

As every customer, their project requirements, properties and budgets are different, each of the bespoke designs that our team produce are tailored to your needs.

At this stage we will take the spatial allocation, optimum building layout and facility design which has already been agreed and combine this with your design brief to provide you with a tailored 3D design using the latest CAD software. The aim of to design team is to exceed your expectations and provide your facility with an attraction with the wow factor to attract loyal customers and encourage repeat custom.

Whether you are setting up a soft adventure play venue and can’t decide whether to theme it with jungle, pirates, underwater, castle, garden, another theme or simply leave it coloured to tie into your branding, our expert design team will be on hand to guide you. Similarly, if you are not sure which colour scheme to go for our team will be able to advise you on best practices and industry trends.

With House of Play, customers also benefit from having access to quality British manufactured product designed to work and last in the Family Entertainment Centre environment.

All of our products are also designed, manufactured and installed the relevant industry safety standards, including the British Standard BS 8409 and the internationally recognised standard EN 1176 for indoor playgrounds. Trampoline parks however are designed to BS EN PAS 5000:2017 and ASTM 2970-15 so you can be sure that you product will be designed and manufactured with quality as well as safety in mind.

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