What is soft play equipment?

Soft play equipment is very much as the name suggests, play equipment which is soft and safe for all users. House of Play have been soft play suppliers since 1994, manufacturing the equipment from our factory right here in Doncaster, UK.

Soft play is typically the term used for small pieces of equipment such as , shapes, packaway play equipment and small structures suited to cafes, nurseries, and garden centres as examples.

Soft play equipment, comes in varying form, but typically is comprised of soft foam with a PVC covering for ease of cleaning and longevity. Not all soft play equipment is the same however, as raw material choice and quality of manufacture play a vital role in determining the intended use of the equipment. All of our soft play equipment is produced to a commercial standard providing peace of mind that our equipment is both safe for young users and provides the longevity expected in a commercial environment.

Soft play manufacturing requires specialist knowledge and techniques, so always be sure you use an industry specialist for your equipment.

To Learn How to Setup a Soft Play Business keep reading below as we can provide you with the necessary tools and to understand how we can assist with your project development. Our service goes much further than simply supplying the soft play equipment, we are with you every step of the way!

the importance of soft play

Childrens Soft play equipment helps young children to learn and develop their physical, social, emotional and intellectual skills through doing and talking, which research has shown to be the means by which young children learn to think. It is also how they learn to socialise as children engage in learning experiences with other children and adults.

The client will have every opportunity as part of the design process to influence, size, content, theme, objectives and learning opportunities, however it is important that we consider the purpose of play and how this will benefit children, we have prepared a summary below:

The Essential Dimensions of Play Are:

  • Voluntary, enjoyable, purposeful and spontaneous
  • Creativity expanded using problem solving skills, social skills, language skills and physical skills
  • Helps expand on new ideas
  • Helps the child to adapt socially
  • Helps to thwart emotional problems

Soft Play Equipment Will Teach Children To:

  • Figure out how things work
  • Pick up new ideas
  • Build muscle control and strength
  • Use their imagination
  • Solve problems
  • Learn to cooperate with others

Children use play not simply as a fun past-time but as research into the world around them. When they are born, children can do very little for themselves and know very little about the world or their place in it. As they play, children come to understand more about the world and themselves, developing the physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills that they will need to live independently later in life. Through quiet, creative, active, cooperative and dramatic play children get the chance to work on these skills.

As a prominent soft play supplier we understand the intricacies and importance of this, and design and manufacture our soft play equipment to meet these vital needs. Additionally, we look to apply our expertise continuously as we are always seeking to add new soft play products to our ever growing range and work with customers to develop bespoke items as needed.

why choose house of play

We are the only soft play equipment manufacturer, to see through the eyes of an operator. As an operator, we know what you need and how to help!

about us


House of Play has become and remains the UK’s leading supplier of soft play and soft adventure play equipment over a period of nearly 3 decades. It is our forward thinking approach along with our commitment to developing commercially viable venues that sets us apart from our competitors. A key element of our ethos is to design equipment / venues that work rather than what looks good on paper and disguising lack of consideration that ultimately will not benefit the client from a commercial perspective.

House of Play are unique in the fact that we are the only UK manufacturer of soft play and indoor playground products to both own and operate a children’s indoor play centre that operates at the peak of operational efficiency.

The real benefit however, lies in the intellectual knowledge that has been gained as a result of operating a soft play and indoor playground venue, as it allows us to influence the design of the play equipment / venue from the outset ensuring that operational efficiency is maximised, operating costs are minimised and maximum secondary spend is sought.

A benefit of choosing House of Play as your partner for your development is that once the project is delivered and open to the public, you will have access to on-going operational support as and when you require, and a member of our team will always be available to guide you through any problems or issues whatever the nature of your quandary.

If you would like a tailored, professional guidance on how to start a soft play business, contact our team to discuss your project.