Tactile Stimulation Products for sensory imput

A sensory room is not complete without tactile sensory products. These items are key to creating a holistic sensory space and more user benefits. The House of Play tactile sensory range is growing with more bespoke products than ever before.

What Are Tactile Stimulation Products?

How we feel and touch is often referred to as our tactile system. Sensations include vibrations, temperatures, pain and textures. Nerves under the skin’s surface send signals to the brain which then knows when something is touched and what has been touched making this a vital role in the perception of the environment around us as well as protection. For instance, when a child’s tactile system is working well, they can filter out irrelevant tactile input and respond to touch sensations appropriately.

However, when tactile issues do occur it leads to people struggling with everyday life. Because different receptors detect and perceive different types of touch – it’s possible to be both under-responsive to certain types of touch and over-responsive to others, with this in mind we offer a full and extensive range of tactile equipment.

This tactile stimulation equipment will introduce people of all ages – usually children – to items that can help them confront sensations in a comfortable and safe environment. These experiences may then transfer to outside the sensory room and help them in everyday life as they grow up.

Search through our sensory products below and contact us for more information.

Latest tactile PRoducts

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Who Usually Buys Tactile Stimulation Products?

Tactile stimulation products are bought by people and organisations wanting to create sensory rooms. That means anyone could want to buy them from a nursery to a commercial business. However, these products are especially beneficial to children who suffer from sensory disorders and are therefore popular among special needs institutions and healthcare centres.

The Benefits of Choosing Tactile Stimulation

  • Encourages problem-solving
  • Develops teamwork and communication
  • Great for social and cognitive development
  • Can be equipped with sensory lights and UV
  • We boast an extensive range for all budgets

Our Most Popular Tactile Stimulation Items

Many of the most popular tactile stimulation products also include lighting that encourages young children to touch, feel and discover. Take our UV carpets and fibre optic toys for example; these encourage children to use their senses and add colour to your space.

But it’s not always just about colour and lights. Other popular tactile stimulation products include tactile ball sets and the tactile memory board, which also enhances cognitive skills!

Why Customers Love Our Play Equipment

House of Play has grown a UK-wide client base thanks to creating tactile stimulation products from scratch. Our design and manufacturing team join forces to create purposeful and safe bespoke play equipment that cannot be found elsewhere.

If owning tactile stimulation products is the aim, then House of Play is the #1 name in the game that you should know about.

Match Tactile Stimulation with…

Lots of our clients match tactile stimulation play equipment with sensory visual items. Together they provide a nice balance and target more potential benefits.

We’re Always Here to Help!

If you can’t decide between two or more tactile simulation products, help is at hand. We can provide you with free advice and more information on any of our tactile simulation range. Pick up the phone or shoot us an email to make sure you buy the right product for your needs.

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