multi-sensory room design service

Creating a sensory room is not as easy as buying some sensory equipment and placing it in a room. The equipment chosen and the room’s design needs to be carefully constructed. A great deal of thought goes into every aspect of the room and how it is organised, this is why sensory rooms should be designed, created and installed by leading industry experts. House of Play offers bespoke sensory room equipment for children and adults to help providers achieve the sensory room that is tailored to their needs. 

A sensory room is usually constructed using a carefully selected, calming colour palette with lots of patterns and shapes in different places, but of course each sensory room is designed specifically for the intended users or groups. Some of the common sensory equipment that gets installed into a sensory room includes:

  • Bubble Tubes / Light Tubes
  • Interactive panels which encourage decision making, vocalisation, and stimulation.
  • Fibre optic strands from the floor or ceiling
  • Mirrored panelling
  • Interactive floors

Sensory rooms are usually tailored to the user’s needs and age group who will be using them and can be made bespoke to specific care needs.

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why use us for sensory room design

The benefits of sensory equipment will differ from user to user and will depend upon the needs of those using the equipment. As we will explain further below, children, special needs children and even some adults get something personal from using sensory equipment.

The common benefits of sensory equipment are:

  • Improved mental health (reduced anxiety and stress)
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communication and teamwork
  • Some motor skill development
  • Cognitive development
  • Self-awareness

House of Play is an experienced specialist when it comes to play equipment, including sensory play equipment for children and adults. We can design and install sensory rooms that meets your venue’s and user’s needs.

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