Sensory Equipment Lighting

Without sensory equipment lighting and products with the ability to change colour, your sensory room is not just bland, but it is not targeting children’s visual senses and development needs.

Browse through our bespoke selection of sensory equipment lighting here, and see our other sensory collection to make your sensory room vision come to life.

What Is Sensory Lighting?

Sensory lighting equipment are sensory room items that include some element of lighting and colour. The colours are important because they can change the purpose of the sensory room from therapeutic to more social and active.

Sensory lighting is an essential element when creating a sensory room. House of Play offers a wide range of sensory lighting products ranging from basic mood lighting, fibre optics, interactive lighting to shapes and projection lighting.

Sensory lighting with its visually engaging colour changing lights has proven to provide beneficial results for everyone with calming, relaxation, reduction in anxiety and stress, enjoyment, mood-lifting and even offering tactile input.

These simple yet effective products are especially valuable for people who may have conditions such as Autism, ADHA, mental health problems, Dementia and cognitive disabilities. Irrespective of your needs, you will find the right sensory lighting product here, and our team of experts are on hand to provide any help and support you may require when deciding which sensory lighting product best suits your requirements.

Latest Sensory Lighting PRoducts

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Browse Sensory Products By Category

Our Usual Sensory Lighting Customers

Sensory lighting products and sensory lighting play equipment are bought by anyone or any business that wants to create a sensory room. Common customers of our sensory lighting products include, but are not limited to, schools, nurseries, commercial play businesses and even care homes. Some individual families also buy sensory equipment from us.

The Benefits of Choosing Sensory Lighting

  • Huge influence on sensory room activities
  • Lighting can change user mood effectively
  • Engaging items among all ages
  • Great for assisting with anxiety and nervousness
  • Sensory lighting products for different budgets

Our Most Popular Sensory Lighting Equipment

Kids love playing with equipment that has lights and especially equipment where they have the power to change the colour of the lights. And that’s exactly why our sensory mood balls and colour changing water table are so popular. Other sensory lighting products we get a lot of request for are fibre optic cables and our colourful projectors.

These products can complete your sensory room so make sure to check them out!

Why Buy from House of Play?

Our clients tell us that they buy from us because we make bespoke sensory lighting play products. Our diverse and experienced team members come together to create and manufacture sensory lighting items that you won’t find elsewhere. If you want the very best in sensory room lighting, look no further than House of Play.

You Might Also Need…

If you are adding sensory lighting to a sensory room for younger children, you might want to consider items from our early years range. Early years sensory play equipment can be a great combination in most instances.

Need Help Choosing Sensory Lighting?

If you want more help choosing the right sensory lighting for your sensory room, head on over to our blog. We recently posted a guide on sensory lights and the impact of different coloured lights.

Alternatively, speak with us directly to get expert tips from our friendly team!

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