We now offer a wide selection of audio stimulation equipment that will be the perfect fit into your current or new sensory room spaces. Use our audio stimulation equipment to target one of the main senses among your intended users and assist with hearing sensory issues.

We explain the details on our audio sensory items here, and you can see them for yourself below.

What Is Audio Simulation Equipment?

Audio stimulation is an essential component of a sensory room, especially for people with hearing impairments or Auditory Processing Disorders (APD). APD can affect all ages and leave people having difficulty understanding sounds, including spoken words and concentration around background noises. Our audio products range from tranquil rainfall panel multi-functional interactive stimulation ensuring we have the right sensory equipment to help you. 

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Who Buys Audio Simulation Play Equipment?

Our most common customers of audio play equipment are schools, special needs groups and commercial play businesses that want to create play spaces for younger children. We also provide these types of products to some aged care facilities as sensory rooms have been known to help Dementia sufferers.

The Benefits of Audio Simulation Play Equipment

  • Specific benefits to people suffering from APD
  • May provide active participation or calming experiences
  • Audio stimulation items for different budgets
  • Easy to maintain and clean

Our Most Popular Audio Simulation Products

We have a wealth of options for you in our audio simulation range. And our play products are available to suit a wide range of budgets.

You can grab rotating wall panels in different designs and colours and even elementary music sets perfect for toddlers. If you want to create a more tech-driven audio simulation space, why not consider buying our extremely popular Interactive Rhapsody Panel that comes with ten different settings.

Why Choose from Our Range?

Here at House of Play, we are renowned for all our play equipment. Aside from a quarter of a century of experience in the industry, the other reason our products are so popular with commercial spaces and schools is that we do it all in-house. From concept to creation, all our audio simulation products are made bespoke.

Pair Audio Equipment with…

Our audio play equipment often works well with tactile sensory items. Don’t forget to check out all of our sensory room equipment to make the best space for your users’ needs.

Need More Information on Our Products?

Want more information? We hear you. Get in touch with our team to discuss any of our audio simulation products. We can help you make the right purchase based on your intended users and your space.

We have bags of experience in designing playrooms – and you can count on us to provide helpful tips.

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