During the life of your business, as trends develop and product ranges evolve, existing venues can benefit from either a refurbishment or extension to bring a new lease of life to your equipment and business. Making periodical changes to your equipment is important if you are to continually engage with your customers and encourage them to make repeat visits to your play venue.

Whatever your facility is, over time it may need more than regular maintenance to keep it up to date and keep its appeal to new customers. Whether your facility was originally built by House of Play or another manufacturer, we can refurbish, upgrade or add more features into your site.

If your site was built by House of Play, then great! We already have the plans so a member of the design team can discuss your ideas with you, give you information about what is new and what works well for other operators and put together a proposal for the new work.

Was the site built by another manufacturer? This isn’t a problem; we will send one of our project managers to survey the current installation and discuss the scope of the works with you.

If you feel your facility needs an update or you wish to appeal to a wider audience with new features, then contact us and see what we can do for your site, our product range is evolving all the time!

grow your asset

House of Play have undertaken many extensions over the last 25 years, your in good hands.

extending your current EQUIPMENT

We have performed hundreds of extensions and play equipment modifications over the past 25 years and there are many things you can do to improve your site.

  • Creating a sensory area within the venue

    Sensory rooms and sensory products play an important role in the development of all children but especially those who need extra support. We offer a full range of sensory equipment and can deliver a full enclosed sensory area suitable for users of abilities. We have a dedicated team of specialists who can discuss the best solution for your sensory needs.

  • Introducing soft play into an existing facility

    To cater for the whole family, venues such as trampoline parks and indoor adventure centres have started to add soft play areas to their sites. The benefit of adding a soft play area to your venue is that you can cater for younger children in a dedicated and safe playing environment.

  • Extending your current play frame

    A great way to increase capacity and refresh your play area is to extend the play frame. This can be done by utilising more floor space or by building up into any void spaces. An excellent idea for those hoping to accommodate more visitors or appeal to a wider age range of children.

  • Upgrading a feature or replacing an entire zone

    Do you have a tired old play feature or part of your facility which doesn’t get any use? Replacing features or adding a whole new zone can really lift your business and make any investment worthwhile. Contact our dedicated team to discuss your ideas and how our designers can bring them to life for you.

  • Adding interactive and electronics into your site

    With technology having an increasingly bigger impact into our lives, it’s no wonder House of Play have seen a rise in the demand for new technology to be added to current sites. This could be anything from interactive light projection games to colour changing ball pools. Head over to our store to see what new features we have on offer.

  • Re-theme or add a theme to your venue.

    Theming your play frame is not only a good way to refresh the site but a great way of creating a magical experience for the users. Our talented designers can turn any play frame into a magical world filled with vibrant colours and characters. Whether it be jungle, underwater, farm, woodland, around the world or simply coordinated with your brand, you can speak directly with our designers to turn your vision into reality.

If you would like to discuss extending, refurbishing or improving your equipment, then contact us to discuss how we can apply our expertise to your project.

New feature integration

Long term improvements

Regular improvements to your venue over time can help with cash flow and shows customers that you care.

new feature integration

Not all equipment improvements need to be significant and sometimes the little and often approach works really well and offers a great deal of impact. If you are looking for a long term investment plan, then our team will work with you to develop a strategy to meet your desired objectives.

If you have seen some features on our online store or from a different source let us know, and our team will look to improve our product portfolio and help you to integrate this into your existing equipment considering all the regulatory compliance requirements such as fire evacuation routes, and other safety precautions. We provide this service to both existing House of Play installations and those installations that were installed by other suppliers, so get in touch to see how we can help you improve your equipment!

refreshing your equipment

Totally refreshing

A full refresh of your play equipment is a great way of creating an impact to your customers


Your play equipment is a valuable asset, but just like most assets it requires TLC now and again. House of Play offer a play equipment refresh service where we will  transform your existing installation, giving it a face lift. There are many ways to improve the aesthetic appeal of your equipment, so our project and design teams will meet with you to understand your objectives, and depth of work you are considering and develop a strategy with you.

Clients often consider this approach if they have installed a theme on their structure which has now fallen out of date or off trend, presenting a great opportunity for the business to reinvent itself and attract new customers. Contact our team on 01302 846876 to see how we can help!

improved product mix

Broaden your appeal

Adding more varied products to your venue is a great way to appeal to a wider age demographic

diversify your product offering

One of the more popular services we provide is the integration and addition of additional product types into an existing leisure venue to widen the appeal of venues. House of Play is a specialist play equipment manufacturer boasting a significant product range, affording our customers opportunity to improve their venues and provide better customer experiences. 

Family leisure time is quality time, and we feel it is imperative to provide an all-inclusive family experience, so that Mums, Dads and Children can all play and learn together. So consider adding alternative products to your venue such as trampolines, sensory equipment, outdoor play equipment, virtual reality equipment or a family interactive game, all of which help you diversify your product range.

If you would like to see what can be achieved within your existing facility, get in touch with our team we would be delighted to assist you.

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