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The services provided by House of Play go above and beyond the customer, supplier relationship, and as part of our service we want to give you all the tools needed to run a successful leisure venue and maximise profitability. Through our operational show sites we have developed a fully tailored operations manual which will assist you in ensuring you run an efficient business. We will provide you with the operations manual currently in-place at our venues so you can then tailor this to reflect your intended operating practices.

The operations manual provides detailed instructions on how to perform every duty expected of such a facility so that you and your team can present an efficient service ethic to your customers from day one, and you have ongoing access to our sites and Management team on demand so that you always have a industry expert on hand to answer any of your questions or provide support.

Change of use

Our team will help you to obtain the relevant Change of Use from your local authority for FREE, with a 99% success rate in 6 years.


You will need job descriptions and employment contracts for your venue. We have templates available for the most common roles within a standard soft play, indoor playground and trampoline park environment that you can tailor to suit your requirements.

You will have access to the sample rota’s at our showsites and will be given template documents to tailor this to the requirements of your own facility. This will enable you to track staff hours, costs, and payroll to ensure that your staff overhead is controlled and stays within budget as this is one of the major KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and should be the subject of very regular scrutiny. The staff rota is crucial and our knowledge and expertise will assist you to get the correct balance between full time and part time staff.

All of this support and documentation is available FREE of charge.

Staff Training

building control

The House of Play team will use its experience of almost 30 years to assist you during the Building Control process FREE of charge.


We will provide full training and support for your staff at one of our show sites, FREE of charge. You can choose to bring the whole team or selected duty managers whom we can train and who can then train your team members. 

The real environment training, can be as in-depth as you need and you will be given an overview on procedures on each of the operating areas and given first-hand experience of performing those procedures and duties. The ambition for the staff training process is for you to be able to open the doors to your facility in the knowledge that you and your staff are fully competent and can hit the ground running.

The comprehensive staff training will include all aspects of the business from reception procedures, cleaning procedures, inspection routines, operating a kitchen, running parties and closing down procedures and so much more! As we are the only manufacturer and operator of indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks, this type of service is not available outside of House of Play, demonstrating our commitment and expertise in industry.

Health & Safety

Change of use

Our team will help you to obtain the relevant Change of Use from your local authority for FREE, with a 99% success rate in 6 years.


It is a legal requirement to have in place a full and comprehensive Health and Safety Policy and Management System which includes risk assessments covering all activities within the building. We will provide our own fully developed Health and Safety Management System which can be used as a template for you to create your own.

The health and well-being of your staff and customers must always be your number 1 priority and that why our documentation is updated regularly and of course we are happy to share any updates with you. Beyond this if you need further expert advice then we can look to provide details of our specialist consultants to perform bespoke risk assessments such as fire and evacuation procedures as needed.

Operational Procedures

building control

The House of Play team will use its experience of almost 30 years to assist you during the Building Control process FREE of charge.


Our show sites are iconic leisure venues with turnover and profitability that proves what can be achieved in industry with applied expertise. Whilst it is an highly efficient cost/profit centre its primary function is to support House of Play customers in the process of opening their own soft play, indoor playground or trampoline park centre.

No other soft play, indoor playground or trampoline park supplier owns and operates a their own centre which means only House of Play has a unique insight into every aspect of planning and running such a facility. It is this experience and expertise that House of Play are able to apply to your project to give you the best chance of success.

All House of Play customers are invited to visit our show sites and experience the operational aspects of a trading facility. A small selection of some of the benefits of visiting one of our centres are detailed below.

  • An In-Depth Staff Training Programme
  • Access To Comprehensive Operational Manuals
  • Access To Job Descriptions And Staff Rotas
  • An In-Depth HACCP Manual
  • Food Safety Documentation
  • Stock Control System Advice And Training
  • Data Capture Training
  • An Insight Into The Financial Requirements Of An FEC
  • Understanding Our Latest Products
  • Advise On The Do’s And Don’ts Of Operating An FEC
  • Access To Our Suppliers and Pricing Structures

We also offer access to ongoing expertise regarding marketing and general operational matters so you can be sure that you can benefit from our support long after you open.

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