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Technology is increasingly playing a key role in attracting people to indoor playground venues and family entertainment centres. Like with all things play, House of Play are leading the way with the most comprehensive and innovative equipment on the market with constant new offerings to separate you from any of your competition. Whether this is taking your ball games to the next level with our interactive equipment, providing sensory play equipment for those with additional needs (or to simply offer additional types of attraction for your customers) or thinking ahead to the future with our virtual reality equipment, House of Play can help make your venue cutting edge.

Any great play equipment features ball pits and with our comprehensive range of activities to enhance them, House of Play can put your business on the map! Our most popular interactive ball equipment is the ball boggler, which magically ‘juggles’ the balls in the air and is perfect for adding some excitement for younger children. For those after the ultimate in interactive equipment for their ball pits, we have everything from cannons to shoot balls at targets, tipper toppers which suck balls up and drop them onto the heads of users or themed target walls to help children practice their aim and athletic abilities.

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We’re passionate about providing play opportunities for all and are proud to be leading suppliers of sensory equipment ideal for supporting the growth and development of any children with additional needs. We have everything you could possibly need to either start your own sensory room at your facility (or even home!) or to enhance any existing play frame to diversify your business offerings. From fibre optic carpets to bubble tubes, infinity panels to interactive projectors, our in-house specialists can provide you what you need for your project no matter the size or budget.

Play takes many forms and whilst House of Play provide equipment suitable to tire out even the most boisterous, not all children play in the same way. For those who play more thoughtfully or want to challenge themselves mentally instead of physically, House of Play offer a wide variety of interactive panels. Games such as ‘spot the difference’, interactive pairs games or sound activity panels can help support the development of the brain – as equally important as exercising the body.

For those who are looking for the ultimate in interactive equipment, House of Play are excited to be the exclusive UK distributors for the Virtuix Omni. A 360-degree VR treadmill, the Omni is designed to utterly immerse the user in a virtual reality landscape without any of the traditional drawbacks of virtual reality such as motion sickness or dizziness. Click here to find out more about the Omni and the 20+ games currently available (with more to follow) – alternatively to speak to one of our friendly and experienced team, feel free to call us on 01302 846876 and we’d be happy to help!

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House of Play are specialist play providers with years of industry experience, our product range is continuously evolving and always on trend.

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If you’re interested in interactive features or have more questions to ask, you can contact us and one of our experts will be able to help you with any questions you may have, or you can checkout our FAQ page to see some of our most asked questions regarding our interactive features. We also have a wide range of products that we can offer off the shelf, we’re constantly adding more product ranges so check back often to see whats new.