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Finding a suitable premises for your commercial indoor playground is arguably the most difficult part of your project and of course your selection has significant impact on the commercial foundation of your business. Luckily our expert team is able to guide you through the process to make it as simple as possible.

Firstly, you need to determine the size and type of project as well as your target age range as this will influence your venue selection in terms of both size and location. When determining the size of your desired venue, there are so many contributing factors to consider. For example, if you are a small soft play café project targeting pre-school children then a small shop-like facility in a town centre may be appropriate. Whereas most larger projects that may incorporate a commercial indoor playground, trampoline park equipment, ninja courses, climbing walls, virtual reality, agility equipment, parkour, interactive equipment, sensory equipment or inflatable products, or those that target a wider age range that may even include teens and adults, are likely to require larger ‘box’ like premises such as a building on a trading estate or warehouse.

No matter what your needs are, our expert team have years of experience in analysing properties, negotiating terms and obtaining the appropriate planning classification for your project and are happy to apply our expertise as required. Best of all these services are available FREE OF CHARGE! 

analysed by experts

House of Play have been developing leisure venues for nearly 3 decades and offer our expertise FREE of charge.

building evaluation

Once you have found a potential building for your project, we can analyse and assess its suitability for the development. Part of this process will be to review its location, size, height, disposition, local area along with many other contributing factors. Once evaluated we will detail the pros and cons for the identified property so that you can make an informed decision on how to move forward.

When searching for a potential building, the height is one of the most important things to consider. Typically, a small soft play café catering for pre-school children may work within normal room height, a two-level soft adventure play structure could require up to 4m of clear height and a three-level play structure up to 6m.

A trampoline park area will require a minimum of 5.2m and a venue which includes all of our products such as soft adventure play, trampoline park equipment, ninja courses, climbing, virtual reality, agility equipment, parkour, interactive equipment, sensory equipment or inflatable products will certainly need the majority of the building to have up to (and perhaps over) approximately 6m clear height.

Our building evaluation service is absolutely FREE of charge and we encourage clients to send us details of as many potential venues as possible so we can help you to pinpoint a premises which meets the needs of your project. Remember, your choice of premises bears a significant impact the commercial foundation for the business and must be approached dispassionately and objectively.  If you would like to discuss your potential premises in further detail, please call our team on 01302 846876 or register an enquiry via our Contact Us page.

Negotiating Terms

Negotiating terms

Our team will negotiate on your behalf dispassionately and expertly, resulting in the best possible deal for you, our client.

negotiation with the landlord

Once you have found a property and are satisfied that you are in a position to move your project to the next stage, then engaging the premises landlord or his agent is the next logic milestone in the development. In this process both parties have one objective, to get the most beneficial deal to suit themselves!

Luckily, House of Play has a specialist team that can perform this task on your behalf. The benefits of allowing our team to undertake the negotiations on your behalf are vast, but the single most important factor being that we are independent and do not have a vested interest and therefore approach the negotiation without emotion and ultimately negotiate the best possible terms for you, our client. 

Throughout the process you remain in control and we steer the discussions in whichever direction you advise, but our team will always be on hand to discuss practicalities and alternative viewpoints because often there are multiple ways of achieving the desired objectives. 

planning applications

Change of use

Our team will help you to obtain the relevant Change of Use from your local authority for FREE, with a 99% success rate in 6 years.

planning application support

Indoor play centres, trampoline parks and most other leisure venues in England, Wales and Northern Ireland require planning class D2 and in Scotland require planning class 11 which must be obtained prior to commencing your project, unless of course you found a building with existing D2 / Class 11!

The process of filling the application form is easy, however obtaining the required D2 consent for a building with existing B1, B2, B8 class (light industrial) which is the norm for this type of development is something entirely different and this is where the team at House of Play can help.

Our team are experts in obtaining D2 / Class 11 consent form the local planning authority (We have a 99% success rate in the last 6 years.) and the reason for our success is simple, we understand the details of the process and are specialist in this area.

For almost 30 years House of Play has helped many, many clients prepare their planning submission and obtain the required planning classification, offering this service FREE of charge. For more details please call House of Play on 01302 846876.

building control

building control

The House of Play team will use its experience of almost 30 years to assist you during the Building Control process FREE of charge.

building control

Building control is different to planning approval as building control is concerned with the design and construction of the building, ensuring the safety of the people in and around the premises. Planning is concerned with the use and appearance of the premises its impact on the surrounding area.

If you are carrying out, or having construction or building work done, you may need to notify the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and may have other duties as well under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015).

The standards set out in the Building Regulations 2010 determine the minimum standard for the design, construction and alterations to almost every building. Luckily, House of Play can assist your building control process to make it as simple as possible and will work with you using our 30 years of experience in setting up leisure venues.

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