what is a indoor playground?

Indoor playgrounds were developed in the mid 1980’s as a place for young children to develop their physical and motor skills through play. The concept was simply to create a multi-level structure to allow children to express themselves through play in a safe and fun environment.

The notion of indoor playground began its journey at a reasonable pace and started to gain popularity in the 1990’s. Since then the demand for both users and venues increased exponentially as awareness increased, and end users began to recognise the important role indoor playgrounds provide in the wellbeing of children.

The indoor playground industry has evolved significantly over the past 20 years, with House of Play being a prominent catalyst in its transformation, as we began to look and develop a wider product range to compliment the indoor playground structures, enhancing customer experiences and encouraging repeat visits. The services provided by House of Play are comprehensive and unrivalled, and we will support you through all aspects of developing your project from designing your indoor playground to providing you with our operations manuals so you can open the doors to your new venue with absolute confidence.

Indoor playground businesses have become a vital part of everyday life, and we provide all the necessary support, advice and training you will ever need to run your business optimally, maximising your profitability. To see how we can help you develop your indoor playground business, contact our specialist team on 01302 846876.

developing an indoor playground

House of Play are leading manufacturers and suppliers of indoor play equipment based in Doncaster, UK. We are unique in that we are the only children’s indoor play equipment specialists who can provide a full 360-degree service, helping support our customers with every aspect of opening an indoor playground or activity centre. This includes (but is not limited to) helping with business plans, securing planning permissions, design, manufacture, servicing and maintenance.

Our play structures continue to push the envelope in the indoor playground industry and are pioneers in providing the best quality play equipment available. Our talented team of in-house designers are always ahead of the curve – no matter the size of your project or concept, House of Play can help provide you a custom bespoke play frame with the best value indoor play equipment available. 

Our indoor playground range includes a multitude of equipment ranging from and indoor sporting equipment to assault courses and much, much more.

Our expert team can help you with every facet of your development and will provide the necessary support on demand. To find out more, you are more than welcome to visit us at Doncaster – to make an appointment or to speak to one of our friendly and experienced team, please ring us on 01302 846876 and we’d be happy to help!

why choose house of play

We are the only indoor playground manufacturer, to see through the eyes of an operator. As an operator, we know what you need and how to help!

about us


Modern indoor playgrounds have evolved over the past 5 years and have become a more inclusive family orientated attraction, catering for a much wider audience, ultimately enhancing visitor appeal and repeat visits.

House of Play remain at the forefront of the industry, continually expanding our product range meeting the ever-changing needs of clientele.

Our range of sensory equipment has become a staple addition to most indoor playground and is fantastic at supporting the play of those with any additional needs, we provide everything from a full sensory room for your venue to supplying you with equipment to either replace or enrich your existing equipment. From BCB fluid for bubble columns to fibre optic lights and carpet, we are a one-stop shop for all your sensory needs!

As we transition our play offering from analogue to digital, interactive products have become an essential part of todays indoor playgrounds and resonate with the children of today. Having recognised the importance of this type of product in the last few years, we have enhanced and developed a full range of interactive products to compliment either your existing or new indoor play venue. For more information, take a look at our interactive products!

All indoor playgrounds are covered by either British Standards or similar relevant to the country they are being installed in, you can buy a copy of the current standard directly from the British Standards Institute.