The Benefits of Special Needs Sensory Equipment

A common question we receive is who can benefit from a sensory room? The answer is that Multi-sensory equipment or special needs sensory equipment has been designed and developed to be a valuable asset to specifically help adults and children with a range of conditions such as Autism, ADHA, Mental Health, Dementia and Cognitive Disabilities.

At House of Play we recognise the importance of such equipment and therefore we are committed to offering high-quality sensory products at an affordable price without compromising quality and ensuring all products meet the current safety standards.

As a reputable sensory equipment manufacturer with almost 30 years experience we value our clients input. Our team of experts bring every idea on board to design and manufacture your sensory room requirements and equipment making each bespoke to you. So if you are planning your own sensory space let us help you.

Sensory Equipment for Children and Adults

Our sensory room equipment is  designed for all abilities and budgets. Covering all spectrum’s, our full and diverse range offers sensory play equipment for everyone. Fantastic at helping those with any special or additional needs, we provide everything from bubble tubes, projectors, tactile and interactive equipment to sensory integration room equipment.

Young or old the benefits are for all, users can develop a wide range of skills including fine and gross motor skills, speech and language through therapy lead sessions and social interactions. It is also possible to improve problem solving, memory and cognitive growth as well as body awareness and many more.

Sensory Room Equipment

Sensory rooms can be any size, area and cater for a variety of needs. The most popular aspect of a sensory area is the bubble tube corner. The bubble tube makes a fantastic centrepiece with its visually engaging bubbles and colour changing lights. They have proven to provide beneficial results for everyone through calming elements, promoting relaxation, reduction in anxiety and stress, provide enjoyment, mood lifting and also offers tactile input from the vibrations. They are especially valuable for people who may have conditions such as Autism, ADHA, Mental Health, Dementia and Cognitive Disabilities. Combined with mirrors in a corner the tubes become a focal point providing a visually engaging feature enhanced by the mirror reflections.

Our product range includes a fully interactive wifi enabled connectivity that when teamed up with our other wifi equipment the room can turn into a multi-sensory immersive environment. For instance; control ALL the colours of your sensory environment by the touch of a button on the oval switch or roll of the cube controller, these robust wifi controllers can even be fun as well as promoting cause and effect.

As well as bubble tubes our range of WiFi enabled products include, waterless light tubes, various lighting, fibre optics and interactive wall panels. Our interactive wall panels have something for everyone, combining visual and audio stimulus. Each panel has 4 illuminated large accessible push buttons as well as an LCD display allowing you to control volume, brightness, speed, mode, WiFi and pairing making it easy to use for people of all ages and abilities.

The Infinity Panel enables the user to create mesmerising infinity effects at the touch of a button or leave to passively cycle through a rainbow of 8 relaxing colours and 10 patterns giving 80 combinations to choose from.

The Rhapsody Sound & Light Panel is a sound reactive multi-functional wireless interactive sensory panel can be easily enjoyed at the touch of a button or leave to passively as an attractive relaxing mood panel. The panel allows the user to engage in 10 sound-responsive interactive modes, which encourages vocalisation. Modes include Spiral Out, Rainbow Ladder, Travelling Snake and Graphic Equaliser. Its multiple uses enable it to be used individually, in pairs and groups therefore promoting turn taking, confidence building, speech and language therapy and nurturing social skills.

The Bubble Panel makes a fantastic centrepiece with its visually engaging bubbles and colour changing lights. The panel allows the user to engage in 10 music sound-responsive interactive modes, which encourages vocalisation. It responds to sound using an external microphone, control the colour, pump or both, it is particularly impressive when blowing into the microphone to create bubbles in the panel.

The Colour Blending Panel provides both visual and auditory sensory stimulation. Teach and learn about colour mixing, how to mix and blend Red, Green and Blue Lights – see how mixing lights is different to mixing paints. Includes a range of interactive modes, making the panel accessible to those learning the basics of colour recognition, and providing challenge to those learning about how coloured lights blend together. Sound effects accompany each pattern and it can also be personalised with your own music which is simple to do.

Sensory for Soft Play Centres

We have recognised the importance of integrating sensory areas into soft play centres. The need for families to be able to take all of their children out together is vital for family life. By adding a quieter sensory space/room, siblings with disabilities or additional needs can use interactive and calming equipment while the others make use of the loud soft play.

We pass all of our expertise onto our clients when designing spaces even suggestions of use. Centres can run special sessions to cater for children and adults with additional needs to have fun, explore the soft play with down lights, calming music, less people and to release energy in a safe space.

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