Balls are a classic toy for good reason – who hasn’t played with a ball at some point in their lives? They are a pivotal toy for babies and children to interact with in order to explore the world and their environment. They teach children a vast array of skills. These include everything from social skills – passing and sharing balls as part of games and play to exercising motor skills from catching, throwing and balancing. These skills are then developed in future play.

In a ball pool, balls are also a sensory experience; the feel of them against the skin, the bright and inviting colours whilst playing and sound of them as children move through them – balls are incredibly important to building a child’s physical and mental development. Ball pools are so popular because they combine this developmental growth and sensory experience together – children can test their limits in a secure and safe environment and have fun whilst doing so! It is this unique mixture of sensory experience, educational benefits and flexibility in how they can be played with that makes balls a key component of soft play.

Ball pool indoor playground

Many things make House of Play different to our competitors. One of the main ones that we continue to be proud of is the quality of our products. The balls we source are made from the highest quality plastic, produced using FDA-certified materials and are TUV certified for your security and peace of mind, making them stronger and sturdier than balls often found in toy shops or online. We’re also committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible and are becoming increasingly conscious of our use of plastic. Using the best plastic for our ball pool balls that we can find on the market means that they will last the test of time and not degrade quickly, key to keeping our environmental footprint as low as possible (and you and your customers happy!) with an average lifespan of 10 years. We’re confident that this quality will entertain thousands of children throughout the life span of your business!

In addition to our large range of colours from gold to silver, red to violet, we are also proud to offer our experience and expertise in maintaining soft play sites which includes ball pool cleaning. Using our specialist machines to get the highest quality clean during our visit, we can make this average lifespan last even longer – and make your lives a lot easier in maintaining the high levels of hygiene for your ball pool. To find out more about this service, our friendly team would be happy to help on 01302 847753, whether this is as part of a maintenance visit or a separate service. Alternatively, if you are interested in purchasing ball pool balls or would like to discuss how you can incorporate one into your project, please ring us on 01302 846876.

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