Headteachers gather round – we have all the information you need on soft play equipment for schools.

If you are a school considering investing in soft play equipment for your younger students, we’re here to offer some tips and advice. Read on to discover where schools can buy soft play equipment and the reasons you should do it. 

What Is Soft Play?

Soft play is a term used to describe young children and toddlers using soft play equipment. As the name suggests, this type of play equipment is soft to the touch and makes it safer for younger children to use. If the toddler falls or bumps into any of the play equipment, the softness will cushion the incident and prevent serious injuries. Some of the equipment is so soft that jumping on it won’t even hurt – and can be fun.

How Does Soft Play Develop Children?

Soft play isn’t just a safe way for children to play without the risk of serious injury. Playing independently and with other young children provides a string of benefits, such as:

  1. Physical benefits – children develop motor skills and muscular control.
  2. Cognitive benefits – children learn to cooperate and work as a team, as well as solve problems.
  3. Mental benefits – children may feel happier and reduce any anxieties from soft play.

You can read more about the importance of soft play on our blog!

Which Schools Use Soft Play Equipment?

Because soft play is primarily targeted for use among toddlers and younger children, nurseries and primary schools are the biggest soft play equipment customers. Commercial playgrounds often buy soft play equipment as well to be able to cater to the whole family.  

Special needs schools may also use soft play equipment to help children with motor skill difficulties develop confidence without risking injury, similar to how sensory equipment can benefit these groups (a little more on this later!).

Where Can Schools Buy Soft Play?

Schools that want to use soft play equipment and expose students to its benefits can find plenty of providers online. There are certainly options out there, but that doesn’t mean every provider is offering high-quality products. You may want to narrow your search down to soft play providers that manufacture their own equipment, rather than simply sell on soft play items that other companies have made.

House of Play is one exceptional option with glowing reviews and endorsements. We design and manufacture all of our own soft play equipment in-house at our UK sites. Every soft play item we sell has met our high standards.

Does House of Play Offer Bespoke Soft Play Equipment?

Because House of Play has the skills and equipment to create soft play equipment, we can also help with your bespoke requests. If a school wants to create a soft play zone, room or dedicated space, we can come up with a design that accommodates all your needs and the area’s dimensions.

If you wish to learn more about our complete soft play service from concept to completion, speak to a member of our team soon!

Does Soft Play Last a Long Time?

If your school is investing in soft play equipment for young children, you will expect it to last a long time. If you buy quality soft play equipment from a reputable provider, you can expect your soft play to last many years, even decades in some cases.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will allow your soft play items to last longer. That’s why we offer both of these services. We can service your existing soft play equipment with deep cleans (recommended at least once per year) and conduct assessments to identify any maintenance which could make the items last longer.

Overall, soft play has the potential to benefit hundreds, or even thousands, of young children at a school or nursery over its lifetime. And that’s why it is such a good investment for schools.

What Else Could Schools Benefit From?

Schools may also be interested in sensory equipment to create a sensory room. These are dedicated rooms that help young children explore their senses. They are popular in special needs schools where some students may experience sensory disorders. The sensory room becomes a safe space for these children to explore their senses while feeling comfortable and safe.

Even if you do not have children with sensory disorders in your school, a sensory room could still be beneficial. These spaces are known to provide therapeutic and calming benefits, which can be used by children who start to feel anxious in class or exhibit frequent behavioural problems.

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