Dec 16, 2019

An Introduction to Parkour Equipment - What is it and Where can I buy it?

Whilst we’re famous for our soft play installations at House of Play, we are leading manufacturers and suppliers for a wide array of products from trampolines to virtual reality, role play to sensory room equipment. As recent trends in the indoor leisure entertainment industry focus increasingly on combining the play experience with fitness, House of Play are already ahead of the curve with our agility equipment range. This consists of many different types of equipment from tag attack to ninja warrior including equipment for parkour. But what is parkour and why you should invest in it for your business?

What is Parkour?

Parkour is a form of movement-based exercise focusing specifically on the speed and efficiency of getting over obstacles as easily as possible. It has its roots in military obstacle courses and is a rather unique mixture of physical activities but is often compared to gymnastics, athletics and martial arts.

What are the benefits of parkour?

Parkour is a thorough workout for the whole body as it combines strength, agility and co-ordination skills for a thorough workout. Not only do the movement-intensive activities help the muscles, parkour is fantastic for improving cardio-vascular health and is more fun than a traditional gym by basing its activities on more practical movement!

Who is parkour for?

Everyone! The great thing about parkour is that it is completely tailorable to the fitness levels and capabilities of the person in question. Whilst more advanced practitioners may be able to demonstrate their gymnastic skills to clear obstacles easily, the true heart of parkour is to think about moving the body in efficient ways with minimal risk of injury which is a useful skill for anyone!

What equipment do I need for parkour?

Whilst parkour can be done without any equipment at all, such as in an urban environment as one traditionally thinks of the activity, we specialise at House of Play in providing quality, British made equipment that simulates this urban nature in a much more safe and secure environment so you and your customers can test your skills and improve your fitness with minimal risk of injury! Click here to visit our website for some examples of parkour equipment we have supplied in the past for projects around the world but stepping stones, climbing frames and cube blocks of different shapes and sizes are excellent, inexpensive options for a business wanting to incorporate parkour.

Why should I invest in parkour equipment for my business?

Parkour is the first sport to be officially recognised in the UK in approximately 30 years and with a National Governing Body, will continue to grow in strength and popularity with it even being considered for the National Curriculum! This popularity is partly due to an ever-increasing presence in media from TV shows such as ninja warrior courses to video games and movies. As demand continues to grow, any business that can add a parkour option to their facility will naturally attract new customers and offers something different to their local competitors to diversify their business offerings. As even basic parkour equipment can be easily integrated into any business from soft play sites to trampoline parks, this can improve all aspects of your model by being another reason for your customers to visit and is a great way of attracting older children who may not be so inclined to visit soft play sites.

As leading global suppliers, House of Play can provide you with support for your business idea, whether parkour, another type of our agility equipment range or otherwise! We are unique in that we also run our own business as well as supply, manufacture and design equipment for the indoor leisure activity market. If you would like to talk to us about your business ideas or if there is a custom product you would love to see, please contact us on 01302 846876 and we’d be thrilled to help!

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