Is soft play used in nurseries? Uncover why soft play should be used in nurseries and other important details about soft play equipment here. If you are a nursery and are thinking about buying soft play equipment, you’re on the verge of a wise decision.

What Is Soft Play Equipment?

Soft play equipment is individual items that make up a soft play space. They are pieces of play equipment used by younger children to provide them with cognitive and physical challenges suited to their age. They are made safe by the soft materials used to manufacture them. Soft play equipment is usually used to create soft playrooms, zones or vast commercial venues.

In commercial spaces, you will typically find soft play spaces alongside indoor playgrounds for older children. Some people confuse soft play with indoor playgrounds. However, the indoor play equipment is for much older children who have already developed fundamental motor skills. Whereas soft play equipment may include soft rockers in the shapes of animals or soft blocks that young children try and build with, indoor play zones include rope bridges, ball pools and climbing structures.

Can I See Examples of Soft Play Equipment?

You can find lots of examples of soft play equipment by visiting our soft play product page. Take a look at what’s on offer to get a better understanding of soft play.

Is Soft Play Used in Nurseries?

Because soft play is aimed at younger children and toddlers, it’s perfect for nurseries. Some nurseries will buy soft play equipment and create their own soft play zones within the nursery. Others may ask a provider like House of Play to design a soft play zone based on toddler’s specific needs and their available space. You’ll also find soft play zones in hospitals and some waiting rooms.

How Does Soft Play Benefit Toddlers?

Soft play may be one of our earliest experiences of playing with others as a toddler (even if we might not remember it very well). There are plenty of emotional, cognitive and physical benefits for toddlers that use soft play. And if you have these facilities, it may even influence knowledgeable parents to choose your nursery.

The physical benefits of soft play for toddlers are:

  • Develop core motor skills like
  • Improve endurance
  • Enhance hand-eye co-ordination
  • It can even build muscle strength and control

The emotional benefits of soft play for toddlers are:

  • Reduces anxiety or stress
  • Calming and therapeutic benefits
  • Increase happiness and start friendships

The cognitive benefits of soft play for toddlers are:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Encourage imagination
  • Develop early independent thinking

The Difference Between Soft Play and Sensory Rooms

Soft play zones and sensory rooms have some things in common. But there are key differences.

A sensory room can be used by children of older ages and even some adults. And the equipment in a sensory room usually includes more lights and some harder equipment. The sensory room is made to help users explore their senses and for therapeutic benefits, whereas a soft play space is more about targeting the benefits of active play at an early age.

Can Soft Play Be Used by Older Children?

Some older children might still enjoy using soft play equipment. However, for the safety of smaller toddlers using the same equipment, older children should really be using indoor play equipment. This equipment will be more challenging for their development and help them to experience their own benefits.

If you own a commercial play zone, you may want to govern the use of soft play zones and keep older children away for the safety of toddlers. Of course, nurseries won’t have this problem!

Is Soft Play Equipment Easy to Clean?

You will need to clean your soft play equipment daily to fight back against those sticky fingers and maybe some spilt apple juice. In the post-COVID era, you might even need to clean soft play items even more frequently.

The good news is that soft play equipment is super easy and quick to wipe down. If you want to give your equipment a deeper clean now and again – which is recommended – we can help with that at House of Play. 

Where Can Nurseries Buy Soft Play Equipment?

There are lots of places selling soft play equipment online. But you might want to choose a company that specialises in designing soft play areas for maximum benefit, and to make the most of your space.

You may even want to choose a soft play equipment provider that manufacturers their own bespoke items rather than re-sells what others have made. This will allow you to ask the provider to create a design that matches your nursery’s available space and dimensions exactly.

House of Play is one such provider. We design, manufacture and install soft play spaces for clients across the UK. We have worked with commercial centres and lots of nurseries before. For a complete service and soft play equipment straight from the source, don’t look further than House of Play.

Please reach out to one of our friendly soft play experts for more information on soft play equipment and our services.

Website FAQ:

Is soft play used in nurseries?

Absolutely! Soft play equipment is meant to be used by young children and toddlers, meaning it is the perfect fit for nurseries and some schools. Having soft play equipment in a nursery will assist childcare professionals in developing the toddlers’ physical and cognitive skills, as well as their emotional wellbeing.

If you run a nursery and are considering installing a soft play zone, feel free to send us your questions or voice your concerns. House of Play has already installed plenty of soft play areas for UK nurseries. We offer-the-shelf equipment or can create bespoke soft play items just for your nursery.