If you own soft play equipment in a school or commercial venue, you probably want to know how often it should be professionally cleaned. There are in fact two answers to this question. It’s time to tackle those sticky hands, germs and sneezes to keep your soft play hygienic and safe.

Read on to uncover how often your soft play equipment should be cleaned.

How Often Should You Clean Soft Play Equipment?

You should be cleaning your soft play equipment every day. This means general cleaning by wiping down surfaces and removing dirt and dust. This is to keep the whole area hygienic, protect your investment and prevent the spread of germs.

During the pandemic, some venues are required to clean their soft play equipment even more frequently. You may have to clean the floors, walls and equipment every few hours, which could mean separating playing sessions with a clean in between. You should monitor the situation as it unfolds to ensure your soft play venue is COVID-safe.

How Often Should You Use Specialist Cleaning?

As well as daily cleaning, you should be cleaning your soft play equipment with specialist solutions every few months – at least twice each year. Soft play specialist cleaning is usually available with the company you used to design and manufacture your soft play equipment. This might include more effective cleaning supplies and machinery to make light work of robust cleans.

House of Play offers these services, which we’ll dive into later.

It is best to use specialists who know all about soft play equipment and how to clean it effectively, rather than general cleaning companies. If you use a cleaning firm that is not familiar with the equipment and how it is made, they could end up damaging it and wiping away any product guarantees you have with your soft play equipment provider.

Protect Your Soft Play Equipment with Rules

Cleaning is one of those jobs that just has to be done no matter what. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make cleaning easier. The best way to achieve this is by making sure you don’t have any tough stains, spills or other hygiene issues to deal with.

And that can be done with some standard house rules.

Implement strict rules in your commercial venue or school to keep your soft play equipment cleaner. For example, you might create a space away from the soft play equipment where children can drink their juice. This stops them from spilling it on your equipment, which then takes longer to clean. Another example could be making sure children do not use the equipment wearing shoes.

What Else Should I Be Doing Regularly?

If you own commercial soft play equipment, cleaning isn’t the only thing you need to be choosing. Cleaning is one aspect of regular soft play maintenance. You should also be considering:

  • Service Inspections – these are checks to ensure the standard of your soft play equipment and any other factors conform to the most updated safety standards and regulations. This is essential to maintain the safety of the children using your soft play equipment and protect your business in case of accidents.
  • Soft Play Prevention Maintenance – the best soft play equipment is expensive, and you probably don’t want to have to replace it again soon. Therefore, you should be enrolling into regular soft play maintenance services. If you see some damage or any fault with your soft play equipment, you can use maintenance services to make repairs fast and extend the life of your soft play investment. Just like everything else, preventing further damage is always better than having to buy new.

A Holistic Soft Play Maintenance and Cleaning Service

House of Play ticks off all the cleaning and maintenance boxes with our complete service. Our specialist technicians have extensive experience maintaining, inspecting and cleaning soft play equipment. Throughout the service, we provide photographic evidence to keep clients informed on what we have found or what has been achieved.

After our soft play equipment inspection, we will hand you a detailed report with a traffic light system to tell you what is an emergency fix (red), what should be maintained soon (amber) and what is still looking great (green).

We’ll then complete a thorough clean of your soft play equipment without causing any damage. We use the best technologies to achieve noticeable results. We’ll work around your business schedule and be on hand whenever you need us.

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We can even help maintain and clean equipment you bought elsewhere!