House of Play is a proud member of Made in Britain, meaning our business has been recognised to manufacture products locally and support other local businesses in the process. You can see our Made in Britain trademark visible on our homepage right now.

For more information on what Made in Britain is, and why we value British manufactured products, read on!

What is Made in Britain?

Made in Britain is an organisation that celebrates local businesses manufacturing products within the British Isles using materials sourced from here as well. It brings these companies together using a registered trademark, which is only permitted for use by businesses that have become members and verified to manufacture their products in Britain.

When you’re next on our homepage, you’ll notice we have added the Made in Britain trademark to our header video. We wouldn’t be allowed to do this if we were not already verified members of Made in Britain.

There are some organisations trying to replicate what Made in Britain has achieved and the community of businesses it has created. Be aware of these groups and businesses using them, especially when shopping for products made locally.

Made in Britain is more than just a license to use the registered trademark. Members also receive business support, brand exposure through the Made in Britain channels and a unique manufacturer page within the Made in Britain directory. For extra assurance, you can find House of Play by searching their directory of members for free.

House of Play joins Made in Britain

House of Play has always used locally sourced materials to manufacture right here in Britain. All our products are made with British materials and guaranteed to be discussed, designed and made within our isles. So, it was only natural that we would join the community of like-minded businesses striving to support the British economy at Made in Britain.

Whether you buy a single soft play product for your home or choose a completed indoor playground service for your commercial venue, you can be assured that all our products were designed and made here. We never outsource abroad or cut corners with cheaper alternatives from elsewhere.

We might just be telling you about this now, but we’ve always manufactured our play equipment in Britain.

Quality matters to us and we are committed to using British materials and continue our British manufacturing for the foreseeable future.

Why we believe in British manufacturing

We believe in British manufacturing for many reasons. Here are some of the best!

The first is that manufacturing at home allows us to support other local businesses. If we need to order materials to manufacture our products, we order them from other British companies and support the local community. This ensures we do our part to support the wider construction industry, and safeguards against using any possible businesses that do not treat their staff correctly.

Another reason why we believe in British manufacturing is that it enables more robust quality control. Through our industry contacts and UK memberships, we are able to verify suppliers of materials and ensure they include the qualities we need for our products. Thus, we can ensure the safety and longevity of our products by buying at home while using the recognised verification tools and methods.

We might be able to get the same materials elsewhere, sometimes for cheaper, but we prioritise the health and safety of our clients and the public. And you can’t put a price on that!

And last but certainly not least, completing the manufacturing process in Britain means we get to tap into the pool of talented professionals across this country. We are fortunate to employ a team boasting experienced designers, engineers and manufacturers with in-demand skills we cannot ensure we’ll find elsewhere. Our staff know their stuff, use modern technologies and really care about the end result for you.

Manufacturing play equipment in the UK

Not every play equipment supplier in the UK will manufacture their products here. Some use cheaper materials and processes abroad. And some UK-based suppliers don’t even make their own products. They buy them from other companies from around the world and then sell them here. Some might be good quality, but others may not be.

If you want a guarantee that your play equipment was made in Britain with the highest level of detail, don’t look anywhere else than House of Play.

Our manufacturing process takes place at dedicated House of Play premises using knowledgeable staff who are paid properly for their work and expertise.

Discover Our British Play Equipment for Sale, Today!

Hopefully we have convinced you that our products are made with premium materials and stellar attention to detail. If so, why not take a look at what we currently have on offer. We sell play equipment for toddlers and bigger kids to families, nurseries, schools and commercial play centres.

And if you have any questions about our products or manufacturing processes, don’t hesitate to ask. You can contact our team by clicking here.