Constructionline has awarded House of Play with gold membership accreditation. This accolade is a testament to our hard work ethic and dedication to manufacturing, designing and supplying safe indoor play equipment with fair and responsible practices.

You can learn more about Constructionline, their gold standard accreditation and what that means for House of Play clients buying our indoor play equipment, right here!

What is Constructionline?

Constructionline is an organisation that was initially formed two decades ago as a UK Government department. Its role is to support and assist businesses working in design and construction through centralised and verified supply chains.

It functions as a registry for qualified contractors and consultants based in the UK. Their database boasts over 45,000 supplier details, paving the way for accessible procurement contracts and successful construction projects.

But this is not Constructionline’s only objective. It is also a hub for industry compliance by verifying company credentials and their safety hallmarks.

Constructionline can validate suppliers of construction products and services through the likes of an SSIP certificate, enabling buyers to feel confident and safe when using these recognised companies.

The end result is that buyers are just a click away from a recognised and safe supplier, such as House of Play!

Constructionline’s membership levels

Constructionline categorises its members into a tiered hierarchy, namely: associate members, silver members, gold members and platinum members. The tiers correspond with the level of health and safety accreditation the business has achieved, along with recognition in business practices, diversity etc.

House of Play has now been accredited with a gold membership, meaning we have sufficed all the requirements of the silver and gold accreditation criteria. We won’t beat around the bush, it was an arduous process with lots of paperwork and evidence, but we are chuffed to have got there in the end!

To be awarded the gold standard, House of Play is now a recognised supplier of indoor play equipment with enhanced health and safety practices. These in-house practices and how we work with clients is always first-class, placing everyone’s safety at the forefront of our projects.

This doesn’t mean we weren’t already supplying gold-standard services. It just means we have now submitted our paperwork and formally been awarded with recognition from Constructionline and their industry partners. Don’t worry if you already bought from us – you already received a safe and responsible service!

You can read more about the Constructionline membership levels and what it means for House of Play clients here.

Why is safety important to House of Play?

It is essential to us that we supply our clients with safe equipment that has been meticulously designed and manufactured. Our products are to be used by young children and toddlers, meaning their safety is in our hands.

We understand the responsibility to provide the safest possible equipment at all times. Not only is our reputation on the line, but so is our clients who own indoor playgrounds and similar play centres.

Safety will always be the first priority in any product or service we provide. This is why we choose to use reliable materials sourced from Britain and only employ industry design and manufacturing leaders. Not to forget our continued investments in trailblazing technologies that enhance safety practices like never before.

With the best people on our side, modern technologies and health and safety as the #1 priority, you can count on House of Play to provide reliable indoor play products and services.

House of Play always strives to improve health and safety!

The House of Play team is thrilled to have been awarded a gold membership by Constructionline and recognised for our health and safety principles. However, we don’t intend to stop there. Maintaining these high standards is of the utmost importance to us. We will continue to deliver soft play equipment and indoor play equipment design services with user safety at their core.

Moreover, we plan to increase our status as a safe play equipment supplier by targeting a Constructionline Platinum Membership in the future. This will involve an audit at our head office from Constructionline experts and our safety officers.

By declaring our ambition to acquire the Platinum award, we are highlighting the House of Play dedication to health and safety excellence and showing how much we care about our clients and the wider public.

Check out our gold-standard services, today!

Now that you know House of Play is held in high regard by the manufacturing industry’s leading organisations and gatekeepers, why not learn more about us.

We offer a wide selection of unique soft play equipment and indoor play products and holistic services stretching from concept and design to installation. Whether you’re parents wanting to create an at-home soft play zone or a commercial venue needing large-scale structures designed to fit your space, we can help.

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