Soft Play For Your Home

If you’ve ever enjoyed a day trip to a soft play centre with your toddler, you might want to consider home soft play equipment. Learn everything you want to know about soft play equipment at home, including what it is made from and how long it will last.

And if you want to buy soft play equipment for home use, don’t hesitate to check out what’s on offer at House of Play through our online store. We supply soft play equipment for commercial centres, nurseries and everyday homeowners.

What Is Home Soft Play Equipment?

Home soft play equipment is items of play equipment made from soft materials, enabling safer play for younger children and toddlers. The soft play equipment you find in commercial play centres is identical to home soft play equipment but scaled-down or adapted for home use.

Common types of home soft play equipment include building blocks, rockers in the shape of different animals, and short slide and step apparatus. The items are typically placed on top of soft mats designed for this type of play. Young children love exploring soft play equipment at home in a corner nook or playroom, and parents can relax knowing their child is playing in a safe environment. 

Step and slide soft play blue by house of play

What Is Soft Play Equipment Made from?

Soft play equipment is made using dense foam covered in a faux leather PVC. These two materials guarantee that the equipment remains soft and perfect for safe play, while also being easy to maintain and clean.

One way to tell the best soft play equipment apart from the not-so-great options is to look at the type of foam used. One of the best options is V24 foam, which matches an optimum density with weight to allow safe and comfortable play.

House of Play uses V24 foam within all our home soft play equipment. We use this type of foam – and foam of comparable high quality – within commercial products and our home soft play equipment. This is to guarantee our products stand the test of time.

But it’s not just premium foam choices that make our products so popular. We manufacture all our products in Britain using the very best technologies and staff. From premium foam to meticulous stitching, you are guaranteed long-lasting soft play equipment for commercial centres and home playrooms. 

Choosing cheap soft play equipment might end in tears!

The manufacturers of soft play equipment have a responsibility to create long-lasting products. But some of the onus is on parents to keep the products clean and well looked after. This may include spotting any problems or manufacturing faults so the supplier can assess the product and possibly offer a repair service or a replacement.

Is Home Soft Play Equipment Worth It?

Soft play equipment is one of the best forms of play a toddler or young child can experience. It provides a string of benefits, starting with safe play experiences conveniently at home.

The other benefits of using soft play equipment at home include:

  • Motor skill development
  • Increased confidence
  • Cognitive development
  • Problem-solving skills
  • General enjoyment and fun!

Due to these benefits and many others, it’s easy to see why soft play equipment is worth it for parents and their children. If you want a convenient and safe way to provide play opportunities at home, buying soft play products is a fantastic solution.

Do I Need a Playroom to Own Home Soft Play Equipment?

If you already have a dedicated playroom at home, you could transform this whole space or a part of it into a soft play zone. However, even if you don’t have the ability to create a complete playroom at home, you can still benefit from home soft play equipment by creating a soft play nook or corner.

House of Play’s homes soft play products have been designed to help parents create spaces for soft play without the need for a complete room. For example, our soft play slide and steps have been made with a 90-degree angle that fits in the corner of a room, conservatory or even a garden. This helps parents maximise their available space when creating a soft play corner.

And this particular product is made with premium V24 foam we mentioned earlier!

Where Can I Buy Soft Play Equipment for Home?

You can find soft play equipment to be used at home online. There are plenty of suppliers out there, but not every company uses long-lasting materials or manufactures them in Britain with trailblazing technologies.

You can play your cards safe, and play safe at home, with House of Play.

We design, manufacture and sell our own soft play equipment for parents. Contact our friendly team today and we’ll answer your questions.