Our House of Play team get asked lots of different questions from potential clients. One of the recent questions we were asked was, “can I put soft play on a bus”? Of course, this question sparked our interest and it turns out the client has a unique and wonderful soft play idea up his sleeve.

Find out how we responded to this question in today’s blog post.

Can I Put Soft Play on a Bus?

The best soft play providers offer bespoke solutions that fit with any premises or space. If you wanted to put soft play on a stationary bus, it would be possible if you choose to use a company that manufacturers the equipment in-house and enjoys a challenge.

You probably wouldn’t be able to buy off-the-shelf soft play equipment and add it to a bus because it wouldn’t fit correctly and could become unsafe for children to use.

What About a Soft Play Bus Business?

You could even add soft play equipment to a bus that is not part of a play centre. Some UK play businesses have kitted out a regular bus with bespoke soft play equipment and drive the bus to different communities for parties and events.

Of course, the bus is always stationary as the kids play. But it could be a novel and cheaper way to start your own soft play business without needing a huge commercial space.  

Bespoke Soft Play Vs Non-Bespoke

Bespoke soft play equipment has been manufactured to meet the specifications and requirements of your space, as well as matching your intended theme and target group. Designers will usually come to your venue to take measurements and have detailed discussions with you to get to understand your vision. Specialists will then design the soft play area using computer programmes, and once everyone is happy, manufacturing can begin.

House of Play is a bespoke soft play provider that designs and manufacturers soft play equipment for client needs. Speak to our team if you need a bespoke soft play equipment service.

The opposite of this would be buying pre-made soft play equipment, which is available at House of Play. These soft play items have been made because they are staple items to include in any soft play zone and have lots of benefits to young children using them. They’re usually available in different sizes and colours to help match them to your needs.

But, Why Put Soft Play on a Bus?

Children and toddlers would no doubt love to use soft play equipment in a unique location like a bus. It’s something new and interesting to them that will unearth their imagination.

 A soft play bus would fit with lots of overarching designs, such as a racing theme, Harry Potter theme or even a London theme – if you chose an infamous London red bus. House of Play has designed and installed a London-themed soft play venue before, including Big Ben and other notable landmarks of the capital.

Feel free to send us your unique and wonderful ideas too!

How to Make the Most of a Soft Play Bus

Even a double-decker bus doesn’t have lots of space, so the best way to make the bus appealing and functional is to make the most of that space.

House of Play can assist with this within our design process. We use sophisticated technologies and 3D modelling to identify the best layout for your soft play bus, which will allow your bus to offer more while also remaining safe and compliant.

Other Considerations for a Soft Play Bus

If you are using a real bus, there is more to consider than just bespoke soft play equipment. A bus includes many hazards for energetic children and you’ll probably need to modify the bus to make it safer and functional, such as removing seating and handles. You’ll also need to equip the bust with lots of safety mats and walls to prevent any bumps or bruises.

House of Play will help with this aspect of any bespoke soft play design as well. We have trained professionals who can assess a design’s suitability to safety standards and regulations, meaning you never make costly mistakes. Every idea is different, so it is best to speak to us about your idea before spending money in other areas.

Could You Design a Bus Playground?

We can help design and install play equipment on a bus for older children. Whereas soft play is aimed at much younger children, you could do the same for older children with equipment that is more challenging.

The same principles will apply, and you will need to choose bespoke equipment to transform a bus into a playground.

Contact House of Play for Bespoke Soft Play Equipment

Has someone asking if they can put soft play on a bus sparked your own ideas? We want to hear about them, and more importantly, help you put your vision in motion. Contact House of Play with all your bespoke soft play equipment queries.