There is nothing else like a bouncy castle when it comes to fun! They’re a popular feature at children’s parties, fun fares and play facilities for their unique interactive nature – who hasn’t enjoyed a good bounce at least once in their life? We’re a leading supplier of bouncy castles and inflatable equipment at House of Play but we’re often asked about how expensive they are to run. We’ve broken down several of the expenses for you to think about before investing.


It is important to consider that inflatable equipment such as bouncy castles require constant supervision by somebody who has been suitably trained when they are in use, especially if the bouncy castle is used by children. This means you will need to accommodate a person to do this for your business and rota accordingly – depending on the layout of your facility and how busy it is, this could even mean hiring extra staff.  If so, this would be the greatest expense (excluding the cost of the bouncy castle itself!) 

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Even though bouncy castles are relatively energy efficient to run at approximately 20p per hour, this still needs to be factored in to any investment. Assuming a bouncy castle is on for 8 hours a day, this is approximately 1.60 a day or £584.00 a year. This is subject to the changes in energy costs.

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Like any play equipment, it is enjoyed by its users and naturally subject to wear and tear. Whilst every effort should be made to protect your bouncy castle, such as removing shoes, glasses, emptying pockets etc., over time it will naturally need repairs and regular maintenance to ensure that it continues to be enjoyed by you and your customers for years to come. House of Play are experts when it comes to repairs and we can arrange a regular direct debit to keep you ticking over. It is better to pay a little regularly rather than a large upfront cost, especially if this affects traffic to your business if the bouncy castle cannot be used until it is repaired!


In the event of an accident or incident on your inflatable bouncy castle, it is important to have insurance to protect yourself from any legal risks. Whilst most play centres should have public liability insurance which would cover any accidents on inflatables, it is worth reviewing this policy to check that a bouncy castle is covered and getting an updated policy if not. 


As a bouncy castle is considered electrical, it is important that it has a PAT test which may be unique of the equipment in a play centre, depending on the product mix at your business. In addition, an annual inspection from ADIPS or PIPA is required in order to comply with all bouncy castle legislation such as the BS EN 14960. House of Play are more than happy to arrange this for you on 01302 846876 or talk you through any additional costs.

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