The Process

Deciding to own and operate your own indoor soft adventure play facility is a big decision, and no doubt you will have a million and one questions but are struggling to find the answers! Well, there is no need to panic, House of Play has a team of soft play specialists at your disposal who are poised to answer any and all of your questions, and help you create a strategic development plan for your project!

To keep your project on the straight and narrow we have detailed the key milestones below advising how our specialist team can assist you at each stage.

Phase 1
  • Exploring The Concept Idea
  • Understanding Development Process
  • Understanding Profitability Of An Play Facility
  • Understanding How To Finance The Project
  • Deciding On Project Scale
  • Issue Our Information Pack
  • Discuss the project milestones
  • Discuss Project Commerciality
  • Discuss Funding Options
  • Provide Guidance On Building Criteria
  • Issue Business Plan Template
Phase 2
  • Assessing Potential Premises
  • Deciding Product Mix / Spatial Allocation
  • Refine Business Plan Based On Catchment
  • Differentiating Your Business To Your Competition
  • Site Analysis
  • Design Optimum Building Layout
  • Interpret Catchment Report Findings
  • Interpret Competition Analysis
Phase 3
  • Agreeing Terms With Landlord
  • Finalising Business Plan
  • Obtain Tentative Funding Approval
  • Preparing Planning Application
  • Obtaining Quotes For Building Works
  • Negotiate Terms On Your Behalf
  • Sense Check Your Business Plan
  • Help You Obtain Flexible Funding Options
  • Complete Planning Application For You
  • Provide Annotated Drawings For Costing
Phase 4
  • Received Planning Consent
  • Secured Funding For The Project
  • Provide Project Gantt Chart Template
  • Create Bespoke 3D Soft Adventure Play Design
Phase 5
  • Commencing Marketing Efforts
  • Recruiting Staff
  • Imminent Opening To The Public
  • Issue Pre Opening Marketing Checklist
  • Provide Operational Staff Training
  • Issue Operations Manual
Phase 6
  • Refine Trading Operations To Suit
  • Ongoing Business Support and Mentoring

Irrespective of what stage your project is at, please contact a member of our team to discuss how we can make the difference to your project and provide the necessary support.

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