How To Operate a Play Centre

Everything matures over time... in the early 1990s, House of Play was a company specialising in the design and supply of play equipment. It was not until we opened Astrabound in 2008, our iconic play centre in Doncaster, that we realised how to optimally design and optimally operate a play centre... we went from a simple product supply company to become the industry expert.

So many Questions!

All your thoughts answered when you purchase our product... No need to re-invent the wheel!

  • How should I optimally layout my building and how many seats should I have?
  • What is my building capacity and how should I monitor attendance?
  • Should I have an electronic point of sale or will a simple till system suffice?
  • How will I promote the facility to get results?
  • With no previous experience, how will I manage my catering service?
  • I have heard of risk assessments and method statements but what are they?
  • I know I require an operational manual to ensure the smooth running of the facility but can I get one easily?
  • What party offering should I offer and how should I run my parties?
  • What is the best way to process my cash takings?
  • How many staff should I employ and what qualifications are required?
  • What level of insurance will the business need, how much will it cost and how can I mitigate risk?
  • How do I manage my kitchen?
  • What stock control system works for portion control, wastage control, stock checking, etc ?
  • How do I achieve the highest food standard rating?
  • How often should I clean the play equipment?
  • What floor covering should I use?
  • How many toilets do I need for my building capacity?

And so on...

Remember, as part of the service you receive from House of Play, all of our operation blueprint and support is available to you as part of the package without any cost, it’s just another added benefit of using the UK’s number 1 soft play supplier!

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